Forbidden Alchemy

An intimate creation circle for women eager to conjure (or expand) the life they’re not supposed to want - overflowing with freedom, sex, pleasure, play, gifts, cash, beauty, ease, travel.

If you’re bored of saccharine Law of Attraction courses and puritanical coaching groups…come play in this container where your most delicious desires will be activated.

22 October - 12 December



Sow the Seeds

You can’t grow Paradise from the same seeds (frequency) that created your purgatory. That’s why, in this 7-week 1:1 energetic immersion, we’ll alter the vibration at which you operate.

You’ll be unplugged, unhooked, and de-coded from your old reality. You’ll be rewired, recoded and recalibrated for the life you’re destined for - and opened to receive.

Your Eden of pleasure, beauty & bounty.

Dark Door


Spiritual Sadism

We will stop at nothing to shatter the energetic shackles that hinder your wealth, pleasure and magnificence.

Dark Door is for leaders who dare to open the Pandora’s Box of their deepest fear, guilt, self-loathing, shame, greed, lust and depravity - and discover the dark diamond of their true power buried deep beneath.

Men and women are welcome to submit.