The Stranger - I

In the depth of my

wet waiting,

I came home

To a truth I’ve tried

so long to shun.

The Eighth Sin

I am a Sinner.

Not for the times I opened my legs

And welcomed him home.

Wishing there were more than one

To worship in my church, right then…

The Seduction

Go on,

Take a bite.

It's delicious...

you'll see.  

Split the skin…


I cannot breathe.

Beneath this weight

Of wanting more

Yet feeling -



My darling,

you are starving.

Pecking at the pile of crumbs

They told you, was a feast.

They lied…

My God

Come, worship me.

Touch me.

Taste me.

Fill me.

Fuck me…


Let me sag

Let me sink

Let me


to a Crone.


I beg of you.

Set me down from this dark cross

Of wood

And blood

And lies…


I flayed myself alive today.

With my blade

of choice

And power.

Pierced my skin…