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I have delicious ambitions for my poetry, events and performances.

I seek generous Patrons to enable me to produce my most exquisite work, and enchant live audiences at readings and luxurious Soirees (think Rupi Kaur meets Dita von Teese).

You are a sophisticated lover of the arts and the erotic. You delight in knowing you are backing a talented woman who is breaking taboos in elegant and creative ways.

Those who join now as Patrons will get to watch my star rise, and know you’ve been a part of it from the start.

If being a Patron is not for you, but you’d like to show your appreciation for my Sermons and support my creative work, you are very welcome to make a one-off contribution of any sum by clicking the box below.

Thank you for your support.

Your Patronage will contribute to:

Gifting me time to write more extensively.

Creating an exquisite Bite the Apple book of erotic writings (most likely self-published).

Funding PR, marketing, design and branding support.

Covering advance costs of venues and expenses for my Soirees and other performances.

Funding my image makeover with a Dark Branding specialist.

Hiring an assistant to take care of the mundane, so I can create the extraordinary.

For those who can offer mentorship in addition to (or instead of) financial support, I value:

PR contacts and media connections

Marketing / social media advice

Publishing and literary agency contacts

Membership/visits to private clubs for networking

Contacts and ideas for stages, blogs and podcasts that I can appear on

Business, legal and financial advice

Please reach out with any questions; to hear more about my creations and visions; or to offer your mentorship and other services. Sincere enquiries and offers of other support are welcome.

rsvp { @ }


GOLD PATRONS : US$500 per month or $1.5K per quarter


As a Gold Patron, you’ll receive:

A bespoke Aural Courtesan MP3, tailored to your desires.

Exclusive (and delicious) monthly Patron newsletter, with updates of how your funds are being put to use.

Your name and URL published on the Sermons page (optional - you can choose to be a secret Patron).

Invite to an intimate evening Soiree for Cordelia’s patrons and clients (locations tbd; 2 times a year)

A monthly live group call for all Patrons (up to 90 mins), with Cordelia reading new material, sharing her erotic inspiration, and enchanting you with her exquisite voice as The Aural Courtesan.

3-month minimum patronage; payments may be made in GBP£, Euros or US$.

Enquire / apply :

DIAMOND PATRONS : US$2K per month or $6K per quarter

Mysterious Woman.jpeg

Your support as a Diamond Patron includes all the Gold offerings PLUS:

A personal 1:1 call, reading or session with Cordelia each month (up to 90 mins).

One poem or piece of erotic writing inspired by and written for you (choice of theme / title).

Private lunch with Cordelia once a quarter (subject to schedule & location).

A large print of one of Cordelia’s exquisite new photos (after shoot is funded & complete).

Mention in the book’s gratitude list - as full name, initials or a fake name if desired.

Five signed copies of the book when published.

3-month minimum commitment; may be paid in GBP£, Euros or US$.

Enquiries : rsvp @

Please be sure to read and agree to the T&C’s at the end of this page

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My ONE Platinum Patron will receive all the GOLD and DIAMOND perks, and be an ongoing supportive force to elevate my poetry, performances and events, and help me fulfil my extraordinary potential - physically and creatively.

This will be a more intimate Patron / Artiste relationship. You will enjoy privileges extended to no other. Including insights into my erotic creative process; bespoke (private or published) poems created for you and inspired by your desires; private 1:1 dinners, experiences and performances; and other exclusive access and involvement. Plus, my book dedicated to you when it’s published (can be initials or a name we create together to maintain your anonymity).

I will in turn be a delicious Muse and inspiration in your own life. Serious enquiries only.

Contact me to explore this possibility: rsvp { @ }

Patron T&C’s:

As one of my Patrons, you agree to keep all behind-the-scenes information and images you receive private.

You agree not to share any plans for my book, Soirees, and other events - unless given express permission to do so.

You will not share any of my poetry online or offline before it has been publicly released.


Any money you gift as a Patron is strictly non-refundable, non-returnable, non-reversible, non-transferable.

Please only sign up if you are able and willing to make these payments, without any financial detriment to yourself or your family.

Please only elect to be a Gold, Diamond or Platinum Patron if you can commit to a 3-month minimum term of contributions.

If you are unsure about making this commitment, you make a one-off contribution of any amount here:

After three months you can choose to continue being a Patron on a rolling basis (with one month’s notice to allow another Patron to fill your space).

After three months your payments will continue to be automatically deducted from your account, unless you cancel the payment at your end, or notify me in advance so I can do so. Once a payment is made it cannot be refunded, even if you’re a little late in wanting to cancel.

If you have paid quarterly, your renewel for another three months will be manual and optional. Or, you may choose to go onto a rolling monthly Patronage that will be automatically deducted from your account.

Should you stop making payments before each 3-month period is complete, it is at Cordelia’s discretion which of your perks are rescinded or paused until you resume your contributions.


Lunches, Patron Soirees, and other in-person events are subject to Cordelia’s schedule and location. She will do her best to accommodate Patrons in different locations, and will vary where these events are held each time.

Should we not be able to co-ordinate locations and schedules within your 3-month Patronage window, your lunch invitation will roll over to the next three months, regardless of whether you renew or not.

Cordelia may offer occasional ad hoc meet-ups with Patrons when she is visiting a city.


Please allow up to 14 days for Cordelia to create your personalised MP3.


Cordelia reserves the right to terminate any level of Patron relationship at any time, for personal or professional reasons.

Patronages may be terminated due to inappropriate behaviour towards Cordelia - for example, should she feel uncomfortable at any time with a Patron; feel her privacy and boundaries are being disrespected; or should you fail to adhere to the privacy requirements.

You will be offered a refund of any unused funds, pro-rata for the time remaining after the termination.

You will not be eligible for a refund should you break the privacy policy all Patrons are asked to respect and share materials, images or information without Cordelia’s express permission.