Bite the Apple
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Your sins will set you free


You’ve SPENT TOO LONG in YOUR gilded cage, pretending it’s A Paradise.

Yet in there you crouch, shrinking from who you could be and the extraordinary life that’s calling.

Your cage is the shame you’ve been coded with to keep you tame.

It creates an invisible barricade between you and the life you really want - not the one you’re settling for.

In there, you forget that being a God means revelling in every exquisite sensation and creation; glorying in every facet of your being.

Including your darkness and depravity, your wrath and lust, your sloth and pride, your greed, gluttony and envy.

Owning your ‘sin’ as your power sets you free - from the fake paradise you’re telling yourself is OK.

come, take a bite…

Leave your cage and dance into your playground of pleasure and possibilities.

Open yourself to the outrageous, the joyous, the delicious, the miraculous.

Break the taboos, the rules, the chains - and play your own game.

I offer extraordinary alchemy, exquisite retreats and erotic Sermons to guide you to your Eden.

The forbidden life you’re not supposed want - in which you’re truly free.

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My reality has completely shifted.
— J.S.

I am now considerably altered.
— K.R.

The best investment I’ve made in coaching to date.
— A.R.H.

The servitude, obligation and guilt I felt for 2 years have gone.
— C.L.

Massive life changes that I had never thought possible.

— A.C.

Main photo of Cordelia by In Her Image photo

Serpent photo + experience by Serpentessa