Bite the Apple
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Take a Bite…


Awaken to the truth your life is no longer the paradise you once thought it was.

You know this.

You’re sat in a gilded cage.

The money you’re earning doesn’t fill the holes.

Your business/career owns you, drains you, demands too much of you.

Or, it has become dull, stagnant - even ground to a halt.

The opportunities you’re attracting aren’t turning you on.

Your deepest desires aren’t materialising.

You know there’s something more for you.


Open to a new level of the outrageous, the joyous, the delicious, the miraculous, the forbidden, the luxurious, the magical.

Give yourself permission to revel in every facet of your being.

Explore your edges, adore your shadows, embrace your taboos.

The dark, light, sweet, wicked, glorious, depraved.

All of you - holy.

Step into a playground of possibilities - command reality, bend time, conjure your desires (especially the forbidden ones).

Learn the dance of command and surrender, as you seek to elevate your life.

Unleash new magic within you.

Invite the erotic and exquisite to come play.

Let the extraordinary become your normal.

In your true Eden of deep freedom, pleasure and prosperity.


My reality has completely shifted.
— J.S.

There is an ease in my life that I’ve never felt before.
— A.P.

Within weeks I had my best financial month at $15K.
— K.V.

It was only a matter of days before I signed a new client for $13K.
— R.C.

I have dropped the pitiful, petty junk that I’d been dragging along for lifetimes.
— A.J.P.

I am now considerably altered.
— K.R.

The best investment I’ve made in coaching to date.
— A.R.H.

The servitude, obligation and guilt I felt for 2 years have gone.
— C.L.

Massive life changes that I had never thought possible.

— A.C.

So powerful..that I have felt the effects and shifts immediately.
— M.M.

She takes you to a place of endless possibilities.
— K.V.

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